Ragdolls Mod WIP
Work work updates updates beer beer updates updates... So much code to update, getting there.... getting there... Progress report!: I've updated Zombie Awareness and Particle Man to 1.7.2/10, and recently started doing some updates for Tropicraft entities, as well as finishing the updating part of Hostile Worlds for 1.7.2/10. Hostile Worlds is going to take a bit more than just a blind update though. Removal of dimensions and portals means I need to replace the portals with some sort of source block that causes invasions to happen from the meteor crash site, will play around with that, also invasions are going to become activity triggered instead of time triggered, initial idea is that the more natural resources you take from the world, the more agitated these invaders will get and eventually want to target you/invade, should make the mod more fair to new users who dont expect to get attacked while just idling around! Also a random bit of a new mod, Ragdolls, still heavy WIP, has some issues I need to research into to figure out how to solve but a decent start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=baolYNkx9A0&feature=youtu.be
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