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I've gone on a bit of a binge, getting stuff that I think might be of interest: Report: ETR Launch Operations Plan for Cenaur on Shuttle, 1979, General Dynamics Diagram: MD-11 wing diagram, six-feet long: McDonnel-Douglas, 1995 Report: Aeroassisted Flight Experiment Nonadvocate Review, 1989, NASA Report: Pocket Data for Rocket Engines, 1953, Bell Report: SAM-D Air Defense Weapon System, 1973, US Army Report: Pilots Handbook of Operation XLR11-RM-3 & XLR11-RM-5, liquid Rocket Engines, 1950, Reaction Motors Art: X-15 lithograph (date unknown) Report: The Centaur Program, 1961, Convair Report; Orbiter Vehicle Structures, Rockwell Report: An integrated Moonmobile-Spacesuit Concept, 1961, Aerojet Report: The Intercontinental Stratoliner 707-320, 1955, Boeing Report: Douglas DC-8 Design Study, 1953, Douglas Report: Transport Weight Comparison Based on Lockheed 49-10, 1943, Lockheed I don't plan on stopping. However, this far exceeds what has come in through Patreon, so if'n you know of anyone who might be interested in helping out, send them my way!
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