Reflections on the First Issue
Hey folks! Wow. The first issue is live and it's been received really well. I never imagined our little project would get to be 50 pages overnight! Whew. You all are amazing! Now that the dust has settled, We've gone back through our budget, process, and goals and done a little evaluation of our progress so far. I thought I'd share some of our learnings with all of you, and then talk a bit about changes that I've made to the Patreon page to reflect those learnings. Overall, things went really well. The pieces are all really nice, evergreen articles and fiction that I think are going to be useful to folks for years. The illustrations worked out well, and the editing and layout support was superb. We've got a good team and folks are ready to keep working! We were on a tight timeline, but I think we'll be able to continue to publish monthly from this point forward. Pieces are rolling in for this month already, and we should have no problem reusing some of the templates to make this month's issue come together much faster. The biggest problem thus far are the Patreon fees. Because of the way Stripe payments work, the fees came in at roughly double what I was expecting (15%!). We'll be making up the difference through our continued sales, but it does mean that we're going to have to be careful with our budget in the future. Here are a few changes I've made to the page to reflect these learnings: 1) New Milestone Goals - I've bumped the illustrated cover up to $1,500 and added a few more Milestone Goals that were requested by patrons. First up, .mobi and ePub versions at $1,000 per issue! (That's in like $20 so tell your friends). 2) Advertising Goals - Now that we've settled on our 6''x9'' format, I've adjusted the advertising goals to be 1/2 and 1 full page respectively. It's hard to do a 1/4 page of 6x9! :D 3) Pitch Text - I've gone through and edited the pitch text to reflect The Fate Codex as it is today, including adjusting the word count on Quick Starts to "roughly 4,000 words" since that's where Silicon City ended up. I've also made sure to indicate that our first issue is out! So... thanks! You all have been wonderful and I'm looking forward to continuing to publish issues of The Fate Codex!
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