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Here it is! My first Patr(e)on-supported content! This is a VRC6-expanded tribute to Carlos Adolfo Dominguez's "Boobies" (You can hear the original at if you're so inclined). Mine is complete with fake pulsewave speech and fake vocoder. What? It's not in here, you say? On New Year's Day, I flip a switch and track 9 will appear on the Singles page (until it's on a real album, that is). However, in the spirit of giving, I'm sending out download codes to Patrons RIGHT NOW because honestly, I don't want to wait and I have SO MUCH MAGFEST PREP to do it's not even funny. Bandcamp says the download codes will work on the hidden track but I've actually never tried it before, so it's time to find out. Also, we've hit a milestone! As soon as all of the payments clear, The Midnight Chiptunes is getting marked as Pay What You Want with a ZERO minimum. Thanks for being a Patron and helping my Patreon be a success so far!

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