Results of the Latest Insider Poll
Hello! The latest poll to our Insiders garnered votes from about half of our $12+ Insider Patrons (other half — what up? where you been? :) and the results are in. We've got new pitches now on the front page that have been approved by our voting Insiders — David Goodwin's NEST and Nick Pilon's FRONTIER SPIRIT. Welcome aboard, guys! We're also linking in the results because we asked our Insiders another question too: essentially, whether or not they were interested in seeing us release the occasional support adventure for our existing and future Fate Core games (such as the recently-released Atomic Robo RPG) as part of this project. The majority of votes were in BIG favor of this idea, with another quarter or more having no problem with it, and only about 1/5 of those voting indicating a preference against it. As such we'll proceed carefully, and if we do have support material of that sort that we'd like to release through this Patreon, we'll give at least a week or two of advance notice in case folks want to adjust their commitment levels before the end of the month card-charge trigger. The VAST majority of releases will of course continue to be original content — we've got well over a year's worth lined up, and as the finishing touches click into place you'll start to see them rolling out, hopefully within the next few months. This marks the end of the fruits of our Fate Writer Search, as well, and WHEW, we sure got a lot of applications from that. This isn't the end of us taking on new pitches, but it does mean we're going to focus on delivering the ones we've got — 16 in all if the count is right — for a good long while before we start reaching for more. Thanks again to everyone for their support, and special thanks to our Insiders for helping guide us through the pitch selection process.
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