So, I've made some changes just now to the reward options for pledges. I made these changes because some of them either aren't possible anymore, never happened, or are things I cannot keep up with as they come in. Specifically, I don't keep videos online before I upload them anymore and when I do, they're "Scheduled" which means I can't share them with people even when I want to. I can't do music early access because that's not actually under my control for the most part now. The personal tracks for people were a cool idea, but for the amount of money people dropped I really don't want to keep them hanging for as long as I have. So I'm not doing any more. I will, however, keep my end of the deal for the ones that've been pledged so far. I've added new options, though: 1 on 1 Skype lessons! (or google hangouts or whatever else works if skype does not). The $100 option now features three entire hour lessons which is a $90 value all by itself. So I wanted it to be a worthwhile reward for being so awesome :) But, also, remember that these are donations, not services. The rewards are perks for being totally dope and giving me money to support what I do. But only pledge money to me and my content if you're doing it to support me, not because you want the rewards alone. If you have any questions about this, let me know, and as usual, have a nice day :)
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