I want to thank all of you who have supported Coding Math. It takes about a full day to script, record, edit, screencast and produce a single 5-10 minute episode. Your pledges aren't making me rich (yet), but they do remind me continually that this content is valuable to a lot of people, and that in itself makes it worth the effort. I'm currently working on another contract where I need to produce about 6 hours worth of video for an entry-level JavaScript course. In addition to all the usual work, I have to demo each lesson for the company and respond to their feedback during the process, as well as create assignments, lesson materials and quizzes. This is taking up most of my time and it's tough to get up the energy to produce a Coding Math video after spending all day making other videos. So for the next few weeks, things may be a bit laggy. I'll still try to get out an episode a week, but it's already started slipping into later in the week. When that project is done, I hope to get back into the usual Monday schedule and get back into the mini and application videos more often as well. Thanks for your patience, and as always, thanks for your support.
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