Saints Row IV and Kitsch
The mini episode it out! And (at least in my time zone) with about an hour to spare before the end of the month! Hooray! This video's a bit on the fluffier side, but it was my big takeaway from Saints Row IV and I couldn't figure out how to make it into a full ES episode. I've seen lots of interesting discussion around the game's gender politics and progressive character creator, but not as much about the weirdly positive tone the game has despite being a foul-mouthed, sex-filled, violent game. There are still some hints of its origins has a GTA knockoff with needlessly cynical/bitter jokes - "Freckle Bitches" as a stand in for Wendy's feels particularly Rockstar-esque and oddly mean spirited in the game, for example. But by and large the game wants people to embrace the stupid and juvenile as long as they can admit that's what they are. It's an oddly uplifting message, especially since only one game ago the series was often using transgressive humor in the same cruel ways as South Park or GTA. *Shrug*

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