Three years in the making... I always said I'd make this video, but only after the guy left. Well, the original Sin Cara (Mistico) officially departed WWE this year on March 26th. They look like they're keeping the gimmick around, so the time is right for the long-awaited SinCaraMania. Amazing that the guy was intended as a Mysterio replacement but despite a brief Bobby-Lashley-esque push, ended up in pre-recorded SmackDown land because he couldn't be trusted to wrestle WWE-style. They must have forgot Rey spent multiple years in WCW, getting used to working guys like Nash and Norton before WWE grabbed him. Rey also had MOTYC and feuds because he was against Angle, Edge, Jericho, Punk etc. Sin Cara feuded with Hunico for a bit, sort-of feuded with The Rhodes Scholars and got beat up by Del Rio every few weeks. It's not quite the same, is it? It didn't happen that everything that could go wrong, did go wrong for the guy in his first year. Injuries, wellness policy violation, fucking up his entrance, bungling his debut and not being allowed on anything live is pretty much a full line on the Botch Bingo Card. He's still around in spirit, like Starscream after being blasted by Unicron, so let's not rule out the possibility of a second video in 2017. Music... My Sacrifice by Creed Sin Cara Theme by SHINING WIZADO Pizza Theme by Spider-Man 2 Boss 1 by Fumito Tamayama (Tamachan) (Decap Attack) Leave The Memories Alone by Fuel Thanks To... The miscellaneous creators of the Spider-Man as Sin Cara images. The names are lost to history, so if you made one and want a credit, PM me. Hopefully this video (done for no cost to Patreons and other peoples) will get some good faith on my side for the poorly-written 'state of the union' post I did on my site as well as the current Patreon description. There must be better ways of writing, ''I'd appreciate a vote of confidence because I'm getting tunnel vision and I'm going nowhere in real life, so I may need to give this up and face reality'' without it coming out as ''GIMME YOUR MONEY OR I'M QUITTING WAH WAH''. To those reading this, I appreciate you sticking with me and videos.
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