Sitar Trek Live! HD Video
Here is the full length copy, in HD, of my song Sitar Trek. It is brand new release. Even the CD is not out yet! So enjoy this upload. I am really proud of all the musicians that joined me in this performance. Some awesome solos take place in this song. I would like to recognize these outstanding musicians: Murray Low on Keyboards, Myron Dove (Santana fame) on Bass, and finally my 15 year old son Keshav Batish on the drums! Wow, I'm such a lucky dad! My other musicians keeping the harmony and groove are: Eliot Nemzer on Rhythm Guitar, Andrew Foehner on Congas and Barbara Christmann on Flute! There are more videos being edited and I hope to put them all up in full HD quality for you to see and to share freely with all your friends and loved ones. Blessings, Ashwin Batish
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