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Sithrah #8: Finished
Here we are! The next part is finished. This one took me a little longer because I took a little more than a week off from working on Sithrah this month to make room for some other work. But it's finally finished and I love how this turned out finally. This one has been giving me trouble in spread format too but I think I have it worked out. Luckily this is the last sequence that I planned in this long format so it should be smoother from now on. Also, the text is still temp. I need to send this to Chad still even though I put his name in the credits already. He has been a big help in refining the text and prose sections as I move forward. If you see any spelling or grammar errors then it's not his fault. Well, this is finally starting to get to the beginning of the real story. I have a few more sequences before we are finally introduced to... Sithrah! :) See you soon and thank you so much for your continued support! Jason
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