The Skinny this month so far
Hey folks, Thanks for hanging in there, I know this month is off to a crawl. But Ironicly it's not /me/ causing it haha. Well I am continuing the battle with the internet gods, and at the moment we seem to have gotten rid of the frequent disconnections. (yay) However we have still have it going slower than it should be. Around half the expected speed. Yuck. Heres the drop on what /IS/ going well though. 1. videos are going to go up. In the mean time I have decided to at least keep recording and not spend my time worrying about the internet. Hopefully that way when the internet issues are sorted I will have a healthy backlog. 2. Kihira ( has begun work on HomeCraft MineWare (WOOPY!) and here is a screenshot of the Lords Bed in-game (at the time of the screenshot it was not actually functional as a bed BUT IT IS IN :D) 3. Just tonight I ordered the first of the two SSD's I would like for recording. This first one is small (120gig) but fast (Samsung Evo 840) and will be the disk that I render FROM This is only temporary however as eventually it will become the disk I render TO (which is currently my boot disk) Soon I hope to get the disk which will become the true render FROM disk which will be a larger but slower SSD, this needs to be larger as raw footage totals often exceed 3/4 of 120gig. I am only getting this second because costs are prohibitive for a large SSD this month. Finally I hope to get a massive normal HD to store renders on (it will probably be external for backups sake), as currently I can only afford to keep the last 3ish episodes on my computer. These are normally much much cheaper by factors than SSDs But I figure that getting my rendering and recording speeds UP by upgrading the rendering/recording drives is far far more important than long term archives. SO with all that said, I know this has been a slow and rather frustrating month (oh trust me I know) But thank you so so much my wonderful supporters for hanging in there and trusting in me. And hopefully if this internet fight goes my way we will see huge accelerations in output before the months end :D I'm still here, I'm still working hard and still meeting goals :3
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