Small Green Things (via Paths Through the Forests)
(Note: One of my blogging efforts is Paths Through the Forests. There, on Patheos, I co-blog with the ever-awesome Rua Lupa, on ecotheology, green living, bioregionalism, and more. Here's an except of today's post from there.) The growing light of day wakes me a little too early, and my first thought is that I’ve forgotten to put the blinds back up again. No matter. I’ll take this over the harsh beep of an alarm clock any day. A stretch, a yawn, and I walk on the balls of my feet (as I always have) down the hallway to the only bathroom in this small, vintage-carpeted apartment. There are few things to set one to rights like dumping a quantity of hot water over one’s head, but first I must catch the warmup water in a bucket. No water must leave this place without having done at least one job, and this may serve as a dye bath later, or a refill on the toilet tank. I don’t remember where this particular towel came from. Good chance it was from Goodwill; after my divorce, I restocked a lot of my household goods that way. By then, though, thrift shopping had already become habit. Retail therapy is easier on the bank account if your tastes run more to Salvation Army than Saks Fifth Avenue. Plus it leaves me with more spare change to add to the grocery list (I notice that we’re low on toilet paper–made from 100% post-consumer recycled fibers. Looks like a Trader Joe’s trip is in my future.) Slightly more coherent, I make my way around the corner to the kitchen. Read the rest of this rare slice-of-life post (with green tips hidden within!) at
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