Sneak peak Patreon 30/m reward.
Trying something new in August. Instead of Renewed Circles I will be pushing Patreon a bit harder. I have turned it into a monthly subscription and updated all the goals and rewards. Instead of individual pages being purchased I have set goals to unlock specific days for the month. For example if the 120/m goal is reached Wednesday will be unlocked and the comic will update three times a week durning the month. This will give the comic more of a consistent flow and open it up for more people to contribute with smaller amounts. The rewards have also been updated, for those pledging 30/m you will have access to a Patreon only side of the site in which I will post ten pages a month of The Unstuffed and Memory's Threads pages before they were inked. For 60/m you will have access to Patreon only bonus comics from the Plush and Blood Universe. Your support is appreciated more than you know, I could insert my sob story here and drama lama it up but I can not stand this mentality on the internet, so I will say what I always say. Support the things you love, without your support those things may cease to exist. It is only through your patronage that I can keep this comic up and running. We are all strapped for cash ducking the bills and boots of life, so I understand if you can not give a lot. I don't ask for a lot, just a few dollars here and there. Every dollar counts, 1 may seem trivial to you, but to me it adds up with the rest of the 1's to something substantial. If you enjoy my work and would like to see more, and I am not just talking about Memory's Threads, I mean more within the Plush and Blood Universe, please consider tossing a few dollars my way. 1 gets you virtual thanks, 5 gets you a virtual high five, just throwin that out there. ;) Thanks for reading!! You can also catch a sneak peak at the 30/m Reward package here,
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