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Supanova Gold Coast 2014 Cosplay & Fashion Highlights Part 1
Here's the first part of our coverage from the weekend! We'd missed Goldnova the previous year (2013) due to having just moved to Sydney, so it was exciting to head back and see how much things have changed. We ended up shooting a lot more people this time around, choosing to get a wider view of the con as opposed to previous conventions where we focused on the World Cosplay Summit contenders. That means that this video ended up being a bit more fast paced with a lot of speed ramping, which we feel is a good change of direction. Although it was fun to shoot, we did have several moments where we thought that the convention environment meant that we weren't doing the costumes or ourselves justice. Three years in to convention coverage videos, we feel that by planning and organising individual videos with high production values, we could make videos that are a better reflection of the costume and our technical abilities. So, depending on how we feel later on, this might be one of the last convention videos that we do in this format, instead opting to make something even more cinematic and elaborate. We hope you look forward to it!
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