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TBBBAP Episode 20: Inspiration Manifestation (MLP:FiM Season 4 Episode 23)
Two Best Brothers Bitch About Ponies Episode 20 Season 4 Episode 23: Inspiration Manifestation Alternate Title: Spike Dies Forever Having dedicated his life to the service of his boyfriend-free gal pal Rarity, Spike offers his "prized dragon bones" to her as decorative paper weights. Rarity is generous enough to not tell him no one gives a shit about him OR his bones, and graciously lets him kill himself with his honor intact. More importantly, Pinkie Pie is having her third party of the day! Let's watch! Support us on Patreon: Ask Keg Standard and Phantom Horn anything: Submit Fanart: Credits: MLP:FiM belongs to The Man, not us. Fair use and such. Power Rangers Theme - Goosebumps -
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