Time Bomb Daughter II
How many, Self contagious amnesty driven witnesses have turned the logical key of lies undetected to defend a predator's nature? One sexual consent genocide explicit night of obscured compliance was poisoned under a vale of grey permission clouds raining shades of bruises; Down upon a half epidermis burst button open, Was the nightingale's pigeon cutis vellum hole war(n) unprotected torn forcefully open by violence's flesh arsonist hands, Snake embed disagreement between the womb and the algorithm for life's, Crafting an abuse by undesired product... Preserving the victim's swollen pregnancy kingdom of spite belly, Wherein resides an illicit law protected from abortive measures foetus of a hatred virgin thrust party of abolishment Betraying cloven succubus hooved temptress the jury proclaimed in a tidal ruling wave of unanimous judgement in public paedophile favour Marooned inside her covertly deviant touch defiled skin, Her blame crown of glittering shrapnel, Now she seeks asylum in a knife to skin bath holocaust sunken ship f(r)iendship! For her soul is now but a dread twisted naught carapace, A metal husk spoke caressing the impending chalk wreckage outline of a self heart inflicted implant A benign regime of hope. In earnest anticipation of,
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