Timelapse Sketch of Artwork for Multiple Potential Projects
My plan is to start providing video talks/blogs along with some of these posts as opposed to always writing out information - my feeling is that however raw the footage from video blogs might be (since polishing every video blog recording would be a job all on its own), they are still more personable and therefore preferable at times. It would be great to hear from patrons, should anyone have a preference. In the meantime, I have written some more here. As a freelance illustrator, one has to constantly keep multiple irons in the fire. The artwork being created in this here timelapse video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bnh6wcDVMwk&feature=youtu.be) represents one of those irons, and as Patrons and creator, we're on this journey together so here is some background: I'm currently in discussions with a group of Hassidic Jews who are incredibly creative. It's a group of 3 people. One of the two I've met so far is an incredible animator and the other is an amazing writer. We've got an idea for a collaboration we want to fund through a Kickstarter-type deal (a site called Jewcer believe it or not), but that means we have to put together an online pitch - and that, in turn, means making some sample artwork and writing part of the story as an example that will encourage funders. No one has time for this when there is no budget yet. The writer of this Hassidic group has already written something else of his own - a "Hassidic Tales" series of very short stories (which are charming by the way), and they're allowing me to use one of these tales as a source of inspiration for some drawings as personal projects for my online gallery at aribinus.com! I don't plan on illustrating the entire story just now. I'll lay it out like an unfinished picture book, text and all, and I'll probably complete 3 or so black and white illustrations and then create very loose sketches for the remaining pages. We've discussed black and white for these drawings because these Hassidic stories have a mystical element to them and there was some discussion concerning the way black and white might capture that mysticism by leaving more to the imagination than color possibly would. But this is a 2 birds with one stone situation, because combined with the short story's writing, this artwork can also be used as an online crowdfunding pitch to say to folks "We have a concept for a book which involves XYZ and we're thinking of doing it in a format and look similar to that of this partially-illustrated Hassidic tale." Furthermore, the other guys and I have already begin thinking these tales would make a great book series for Jewish children. So, it might just be 3 birds with one stone, because while this initial artwork will, when finished, remain a publicly posted addition to my online personal projects gallery, it might also end up serving as a prototype for pitching a book series itself. And if some or any of this comes through, it will be in no small part thanks to my patrons. We'll see what happens, and updates as the occur!
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