Tomato Rescue Project
I'm a big tomato fan, and I've been growing them quite succesfully for the last five years. I'm straight old-school - dig up the hole, put the plant in, leave it be. No chemistry, organic compost only. So far, I had hail, draught, frost. I always survived it all, but the climate here is changing drasticaly. For the last few years it feels like it's raining all the time, except for the draught period during summer. Which is good for the tomato plants. They need lots of sun and warmth, of course water too but that can be provided by hand. This year however it's been the shittiest summer ever. It's raining non stop, it's cold. We get, in average, about one serious storm every three days, if not two. We had a really nasty winterish week this July and now most of my tomato plants are moldy. Might not survive at all, all 30 of them :( I'm still struggling however, spraying them with milk + cinnamon mixture and clipping off the black leaves to block the disease, but the weather is still against me. The rainy period was supposed to be over but today, we had another unexpected storm in the afternoon, and everything is wet and cold again. I might still save them but the odds are poor. Tomorrow it's supposed to be another sunny day but the forecast for the next week is shaky. More rain, maybe more cold. I'm feeling quite down because of that, so I felt like I need to write about it. Now there it is. I guess the positive side is that peppers look great, and I'm about to dig ouy a big heap of tasty onion one of these days. Cheers!