Toy preview! releases start in one week! say hi to Jackalop!
The jackalop is a jackalope that takes after lop eared bunnies rather than hairs. The toy uses a modified MEEPS template built for animals! I will release the blank template later in February. The new toys start In February and I’m planing on releasing a new toy every other Wednesday. After thinking about it I re-worked the rewards a little bit. The premium PDF toys and free PDF toys will release at the same time. I did not want my patrons to have to wait to share the toys with their friends. I lowered the cost of the text sponsorship reward. I got rid of the advertisement sponsorship tier. Instead I will use the space on the free toys to advertise the patreon and other things I want to promote. Thank you so much for being my patron! I’m dedicated to growing this project over the next year so tell your friends and show off your sweet paper toys!
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