The Triple Feature: Fatale, EDtv, and True Detective
Tom, Joe and I will record the next Triple Feature — SUNDAY — at 9PM Central, when we'll talk about Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips's FATALE and two pairings of Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson: EDTV and (of course) the HBO crime drama TRUE DETECTIVE, which ended last night. I'll send out Google Hangout invites to the $10+ backers shortly beforehand, and hopefully I'll make it through a show without a technical problem for once. :) If you'd like to chime in or ask questions during the show, join us! The audio and video will be available to all shortly afterwards, as usual. UPDATE: Sorry, but it looks like I pulled the trigger too soon and we're going to have to delay this until SUNDAY at 9PM, rather than tonight as this post originally stated.

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