Tuesday's Howard Stern Show - January 21, 2014
Howard was back live today. Here's what I covered: Back Live - Howard Takes Some Calls. 01/21/14. 6:00am Howard Remembers Enuff Z' Nuff. 01/21/14. 6:25am Howard Testing Tommy John Underwear. 01/21/14. 6:35am Aaron Eckhart Visits. 01/21/14. 7:00am Jonah Hill Visits. 01/21/14. 8:00am Howard Could Have Played Ant Man. 01/21/14. 9:15am Ant Man Discussions And A Birthday Show Ticket Game. 01/21/14. 9:15am Robin's News. 01/21/14. 9:25am Wrap Up Show - Aaron Eckhart. 01/21/14. 10:30am Wrap Up Show - I, Governale. 01/21/14. 10:50am Wrap Up Show - Ronnie And The Snow Storm. 01/21/14. 11:00am All the details are at MarksFriggin.com
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