Tweaks and Changes
Hey supporters, I just wanted to write you and let you know that I've overhauled my Patreon page slightly, including changing how a couple of the rewards work. First, I was previously committing to writing a personalized, individualized email to every patron at the $2+ range every time I released a game. I wrote 70 different emails with the release of Three Days, a process that took about 3 hours to complete. It became exhausting, and a thing that I would dread in future months. So the reward structure has changed. Take a look at the new rewards, decide whether you're still excited about supporting this endeavor. No hard feelings if you want to change your pledge or drop it. Secondly, I created a set of 3 Creator Goals, visible on the left-hand column of my page. In short: if my per-game total reaches $550, each little game I release will cover a month's rent (a personal milestone); if my per-game total reaches $700, I'll commission 1+ pieces of art per game; if my per-game total reaches $1000, I'll co-develop each game and share some of that money with other designers and developers. I'm particularly excited about the possibilities inherent in that last one for partnership, mentorship, and spotlighting new voices. Finally, I want to mention that I did a nerve-wracking presentation at the Queerness & Games Conference earlier this month, and the video + slides are now available here: If you want to hear me talk about game design theory stuff, follow that link! Attached is an image taken from that day.
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