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TWiC 067: Breakbeat Heartbeat, Noisewaves, GOTO80
Full episode now tagged and downloadable! July 9th 2014 - New music from Groovemaster303 & Jredd, chilled out chiptunes from Breakbeat Heartbeat, the new release from GOTO80 off the Data Airlines label, the full-length album from Noisewaves and the debut from Star Driver. Tonight's Sponsor was Firebelly Studios! Check out their game TEMPORUS on Kickstarter. It's a sci-fi indie game with music by C-Jeff! - - TRACKLIST - - Groovemaster303 & Jredd - So Ruff So Tuff (Sega Mix) Groovemaster303 & Jredd - Run N Gun Groovemaster303 & Jredd - Galactic Whirlpool Breakbeat Heartbeat - Underground Breakbeat Heartbeat - Kids Breakbeat Heartbeat - Waterfront Breakbeat Heartbeat - Lost & Found Breakbeat Heartbeat - Arcade Noisewaves - If I'm A Baker, You're A Homewrecker Noisewaves - What I Once Was Noisewaves - Do I Look Like I Want To Play Volleyball cap_colors - Neon Cave Campfire Coda - Sub Atomic (Iron Whale) GOTO80 - Үеtі Βаd ̬Ԍ̡᷂υу Р҃οlk̂a GOTO80 - Ꮪρаϲе Βrоmаnϲе GOTO80 - Βеttʏѕtоѡɴ STAR☆DRIVER - Answers STAR☆DRIVER - 11&3 - - LINKS - -
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