A United States Marine’s Letter to a Ukrainian on Surviving and Waging an Insurgency War
I recently had a reality check. A Ukrainian which I know on the social network I write on reached out to me. He has been conscripted into the Ukrainian Army. Recently more than 40,000 Ukrainian reservists were activated to defend a possible invasion by the Russians. He has never received any training is scared. He reached out to me, personally, because he knows I have experience in Iraq and am knowledgeable about the potential dangers he may face. He asked for tips from combat vets on how to survive in a warzone which he may soon be a part of. Here was my response. I've also posted this for free because it is something I don't want to be a paid item. I do, however, want everyone within my reach to promote it and share it via friends, and twitter. It would be very appreciated. You can either forward the attached PDF or share the following link. http://www.quora.com/What-are-the-top-survival-tips-in-a-warzone-for-a-fresh-recruit/answer/Jon-Davis-10
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