Dearest Lover, What a beautiful rag libel doll of conviction's aspiring hope we have made, Together under the tree of li(f)e's shame, Her double you & I gold self ever present marionette D.N.A heat of purposeful gold, A historical multiple slavery trafficked source pariah reincarnate is aggelos, She Brings to the union of our slimy one night in forever's covert stand against darkness unto completion. She is the realization of all my life's intel, An amalgamation of the gorgeous overcoming will; set cerberus upon the beautiful insecurities that consume the sum of this black austerity cursed epidermis sheep's communion of vile holocaust reappearing ethereal saint fears! Counselling swollen haemorrhaging lines swirling inside the trapped contingency of doubt grotesquely protected within the trinity of self's faith lost head, To follow the heart off my chest's tattooed sleeve into inescapable, too much to say...Tears! For each cob droplet woven web one, Architect of her eulogy spoken, I have justification! For the pulsing adage palace of her few - joy of my life - faint hour dismay stained earthly memory ache glass realm of existence will never be published... But by this unqualified poetic jest... In earnest anticipation of, Nothing is worse, I am living my own worst lost of life fears... Youtube Vid to Come. Just finished this poem this evening after starting the first two lines as a Twitter Poem at 5:40AM. Spent all day moving with my Partner in Muse, I mean crime! Above is what came forth, from the depths of me... Take what you will with the thousands of impending poems like this; either already completed or yet to be siphoned from conviction's conscience within me.
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