Oh man, my last month in Philly is coming up SUPER fast! Things have been half shaky, half awesome. For one, I managed to maintain my weight for about a month and a half! I've also took a chance and called the behavioral health hotline-- which I totally recommend if you're stuck in a rut and need someone to talk to and have no one else to turn to. :D (link here! http://dbhids.org/24-hour-suicide-crisis-intervention/ ) In other news, I might have a cover artist for my second novel-- which I've hit a bit of a writer's block on but am slowly chipping away at. Also might get help with Rose for Shurinai-- i'm super nervous about my current artist partner, as I feel as though I'm over working her. ;___; I've also downloaded ToonBoom as part of the macheist bundle-- which you've helped me fund, beautiful patrons! With that, I will try to get an animation out in the next three months. It's a trigger for me, but I'm certain I can work my way back into it and save it from what i've learned. I think that's it for now! Enjoy the rest of your week!! :D
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