Update is cuddling for cold
It's been such an exciting -- at times, overwhelming -- ride for me since I started my Patreon. Your support is amazing and encouraging and I am terribly grateful. For the first time in a long, long while, I feel not just free to create art, but empowered to do it; one wouldn't have thought so, but it's a huge difference to feel like you have rightfully earned time to concentrate on illustration projects rather than just stealing snatches of time here and there from what's 'actual' work. So thank you. In this week alone -- and it's hardly over! -- I've opened a mini-art sale for my experiments with black paper and gold ink (and have sold a few pieces!); have completed at least two commissions for my Typhoon Haiyan fundraising project; am about to finish three more commissions; have worked on the concepts and composition for my first letter in my fantastical abecedary (A!); have committed more acts of mail art. And I'm just getting started. I'm really looking forward to sharing a progress report with you over the weekend! Next week, please look forward to: raunchy calligraphy, aurochs and avocados and aswang, and my downloadable wallpaper release. Yours, in a cuddlepile of wriggly pommas who don't seem to understand that summer = hot and hot = not for cuddling, Mia
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