Update on Starwalker Studios
Oh, I should give you all an update on the studio! As of a week ago this past Friday I have moved into my new apartment. As of this past Friday I once again have high speed internet. As of today I have constructed the new desks and chairs for the studio and have gotten the computers, mixing board, microphones etc. all hooked up and operational. There are still some finishing touches, like putting together the drawers for the new desks and installing the standing desks--gotta be ergonomic here at Starwalker Studios! Other than that, we are up to full capacity again! GM Intrusions will once again be coming out weekly! Episode 32 will be the first episode recorded in the fully operational new studio. I will also now be able to resume work on The Obsidian Monolith. I'm also planning some new podcasts! The first to roll out will be an anthropology podcast. Although it's not directly gaming related, it will be a great resource for your GMs out there for putting interesting and diverse cultures into your Ninth World (or any setting, really). I will also be occasionally doing an anthropology segment for GM Intrusions in which I will directly apply some anthropological stuff to improving your game. I'm also going to be running Numenera at Gen Con. If you weren't able to get into one of the official MCG games, I am running a few others at the con. Feel free to email me for more info. Thanks so much to my new patrons! And thank you to all patrons for your support. I really, really appreciate it. Things have been crazy lately with the move, but I think in the next month or two you will see some improvements to GM Intrusions. Game on!
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