UPDATE: This week!
I know it's been all quiet on the Patreon front this month. Hello, new Patrons, and welcome, and thank you! I'm about to go on the JoCo Cruise Crazy (I'm burning the midnight oil packing right now!) on which two things are definitely going to happen: 1. I'm going to meet Jack Conte, co-founder of both Pomplamoose and Patreon!! Two of my favorite proper nouns that start with P! 2. I'm going to shoot (and hopefully edit) next month's video! The rest of the sonnets and limericks ARE coming along! and I haven't forgotten the vlog requests and hangouts and other stuff either! The buildup to my next gig (Emerald City ComicCon) will be a slow one, so as soon as I make landfall on March 1st, I'll get cracking on that. The chap hop goal is fast approaching, and it's honestly freaking me out a lot - I thought I've have a much longer lead on that, and it's almost here. But some of my best creative bursts have been born out of a freak out, so it's probably good. Ok. I'm going to go sleep in a flying metal tube now. ¡THE FUTURE!
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