Various Australian 90s Commercials Part 14 (SAS-7, 1990)
Continental Cup-a-Soup Adelaide Convention Center Uncle Toby's Crunchy Oat Flakes Chemart White King Neon Coon Cheese (Peter Russell Clarke) Dine AMP Beyond 2000 promo Fruit and Nut Weeaties Smarties Panadol Palmolive Kraft Light Glade Country Pottery Hinch promo Tip Top Swiss Maid Craig McLachlan album Karpet MacGyver promo Samboy Mt Thebarton 7 Christmas Appeal Back to the Future Part 3 trailer Wheel of Fortune promo A Country Practice promo Barnacle Bill Lube Mobile Cunningham's Warehouse Venture Seven Nightly News promo Hey Dad/Full House promo SPC Wendy's Pizza Haven Seven Christmas Appeal Listerine Burns Blinds Dine Home & Away promo 7 Christmas Appeal Adelaide Convention Centre (repeat) Overboard promo Magical World of Disney promo Seven News Update
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