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Verizon v. FCC just crushed democracy, justice, AND cat videos in one swoop! Absurdity Today Ep. 49.
SIGN THE PETITION TO UPHOLD NET NEUTRALITY: Absurdity Today is the award winning, independent news parody series hosted by political satirist Julianna Forlano. SUPPORT THIS SHOW FOR JUST $1! Go to: or Follow Julianna on Twitter: @JuliannaForlano On Facebook: SIGN THE PETITION TO UPHOLD NET NEUTRALITY: Source Links: Shepard Smith of Fox on net Neutrality: Full Videos of News Items Sampled: Glenn Greenwald on CNN: There Are Extremely Invasive Spying Programs the Public Still Does Not Know About: Thom Hartmann on the Trans Pacific Partnership: Jeremy Scahill on Democracy Now! - Dirty Wars: The World Is a Battlefield [Both parts in one] Great video explaining how the loss of Net Neutrality will affect you the user:
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