Walter the Wicked CONTEST!
Walter the Wicked fans, friends and family, PLEASE READ THIS: #wtwgroup Some of you may know that Facebook is not sharing posts like it used to. Most of you probably do not. I am sure many of you will not even see this (though, for my friends and family, I will try to contact you all directly). To rectify this, I am starting a GROUP which will be updated along with my PAGE. With a group, all members are generally notified immediately for all new posts. More importantly, we can chat about Walter, comics and art directly! AND for BIG NEWS I can message all members directly. Basically, you will never miss a thing. The group can be found here: As incentive to join I am going to use it as my platform for the: FIRST OFFICIAL WALER THE WICKED CONTEST! All new and current members of the group will be entered to win a CUSTOM DIGITAL ART COMMISSION! I will draw any character you like (WtW or other) in full colour! I will run this first contest from April 20 until May 31, 2014. BONUS entries for all Patreon contributors! To sum things up, if you want all the latest info on the Wicked One and want more interaction with with me about him, please, join the group and spread the word! I wonder if I can also reward those who spread the word... Maybe try taging any post you use to share it with a hashtage like this: #wtwgroup
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