Water and bees... It's why they are crashing #StopPesticides
Do you realize that ONLY 0.007-0.035% of the planets #Water is available to us and bees? It is extremely precious and we treat it like we have a limitless supply! Of this precious commodity 70% is being contaminated by pesticides and toxic GMOs and other 20% by industry such as fracking. And what is scary about fracking is it is threatens the water we may desperately need in the future when water supplies run dry. Water not flowers is most important to bees. They use water to drink, feed their brood and queen and cool their hive... unfortunately, 90% of water tested by the EPA including rain water now have harmful pesticides in it. This toxicity is what is causing bees to collapse. What people fail to realized is that less than 0.07% of fresh water on the planet is available for bees and 70% of that is being contaminated by agrichemicals like toxic GMO cops and from systemic pesticides... another 20% is being contaminated by industry... such as fracking and the refining of oils and other materials. We are poisoning in the US alone about the size of western Europe with toxic GM crops and systemic pesticides and as a result the bees and their fellow beneficial insects are crashing. Bees lack a detox gene and as a result even the smallest amount of contaminated water is going to weaken or kill them.
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