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Week #11 - "The Last Word"
The prompt this week was "panic." This song is based on Nate Phelps' recent statement on the death of his father, the infamous Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church. For those who don't know, Phelps and the WBC spent a lot of time picketing gay and military funerals, causing deep distress to the families of the dead. I always saw this as an act of panic by someone deeply frightened of difference. In his statement, Nate put forth the idea that Fred Phelps was a misguided, hateful man, but that there was still value in his father's life - which was in motivating people to fight the kind of bigotry that he had stood for. It was sort of a reverse eulogy, and a very inspiring way of suggesting that any person's life has worth, even if that worth is in providing an example of how *not* to be in the world, and rousing people to act with greater passion towards ideals like equality and acceptance. Wait, was that kind of like one of those movie previews where they show you the whole movie?
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