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Week #15 - "The Easy Way"
Week 15 already! Hard to believe. The prompt for this one was "exasperated," and I will say that the prompt itself exasperated me! But ultimately this came through. So I tried to make it as salty and scathing as possible, and I enjoyed using words you don't ordinarily hear in songs, like "censured" and "egregious." Well, once a word nerd, always a word nerd! But that aside, I wanted the words to be as precise as possible in order to really nail the feeling. I was thinking of a situation where you've had a breakup or a falling out, after which the other person has done everything possible to avoid seeing you as a real person. Because that would imply some accountability on their part, and some feelings, and that is just too hard. A real conversation could probably help, but there are easier ways to deal with the situation, like avoiding that person and getting a bunch of friends to agree with your interpretation of events. This is a bit of a tangent, but one of the Buddhist precepts is "don't kill." I once heard a Zen teacher talk about how, while that is meant literally, there are many ways to kill a person, including refusing to hear them, or condemning or making decisions about them alone or in groups. This makes the real person into a caricature or a story, and kills the flesh-and-blood reality and complexity of who they are and the validity of their experience. She told us that that too is a form of killing. I never forgot it.
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