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Weekly Content Selection (IMPORTANT UPDATE)
Hello everyone, I wanted to give you all an important update regarding how I’ll be using this Patreon page. First of all I greatly appreciate your support & it truly helps me a great deal. I need to realistically think about my future & I have the trend of moving from project to project. It’s because of this that I’ve decided that my Patreon should be set up for what I’ll refer to as a "Weekly Content Selection" opposed to only my show. I need the freedom to be able to work on new passions & directions & do my best to produce content that I’m proud of & that feels authentic. With this being said I must admit I feel that my show is becoming a bit limiting not to mention overwhelming for me. I’ve been considering downsizing it & working on more of my other projects which include photography, writing, video series, & speaking about mental health. The pressure my show has been putting on me has been very apparent this week & especially today. I've had to go back & forth on medication lately & things have been difficult to manage. Today I started back on my regular medication but I'm unsure how I'm handling it. My computer broke down today as well & all of this together has triggered a mental breakdown. For the first time in 98 shows I'm cancelling an episode tonight. This is my first "Weekly Content Selection" paid post. Remember, you can cancel your pledge any time before the end of the month & I will receive none of your pledges for this month. I understand if anyone wants to discontinue for any reason. I'm extremely grateful for any of the support that I have received & for anyone who continues to support me. I'm currently working on redoing my Patreon page this weekend so it's updated to reflect all of these changes. Without further ado, here's the content that I've released over the past week. CONTENT SELECTION: -I wrote an article challenging the stigma of living with your parents in your twenties: -I published some more of the population data that I've been collecting over the years. "Every Urban Centre in North America with more than 5,000 inhabitants in the year 1900" -Last week I published some other population data of which I added more information & data analysis to. "Every Urban Centre in the World with More than 100,000 Inhabitants in the Year 1900" I'm constantly adding to this data & working on more ways to analyse the data so it'll be updated incrementally over time. Also included in this post is one of my older photos that I came across today. If anyone has any questions or comments let me know!
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