Howdy Patrons! My weekly update is coming to you a bit late; I spent Monday and Tuesday on my tax returns. On Monday I also met with the art teacher at Skyline. The art project is a "go"! We'll have the kids create some kind of individual art pieces, then each class will combine their work into a collage to represent their song. (We used a similar strategy two years back at Richmond.) So you'll have lots of cool art to look forward to in addition to the songs! The theme will be "Survivors." Since it looks like the art project will take up only a little extra time on my part, I've updated my $25 goal to include a midi keyboard controller. This would provide me an additional classroom tool. I'd be able to offer students the opportunity to put their hands on a keyboard when we are writing melodies and arranging instruments. The Washington residency begins May 1, then Skyline on May 5, then Truman May 7. Truman and Skyline extend to the 22nd. So May will be a crazy busy month for me! Please always feel free to visit the page and post your questions or comments! P.S. Friday is the last day you can vote for your favorite Will Rogers song!
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