We're Almost at 800 Patrons!
Hey, if you're a patron? Thank you. 1. We're *this* close to topping the 800 mark. I thought we'd be the first Patreon campaign to top 1,000 (but it seems other communities have beat us to the punch). Thanks for spreading the word! 2. I'm still trying to get through the processing problems with last month's pledges - since we were short by about 20% again. I hope to update the TLDR name presentation (http://go.tagjag.com/patrons) later today, and boot fake patrons from the pool as well. 3. We'll be spinning up the podcast today, too - which is, and always has been, at http://feeds.pirillo.com/ChrisPirilloShow - but the automated transfer of an MP3 (audio-only) to iTunes and Soundcloud is a bit process-intensive to happen every day. There is no truly-automated way of doing these things (rather, that would take a level of development and maintenance that is far beyond me). Still, I promised the podcast - so that's that. :) 4. In the coming weeks, I also hope to pass along to patrons a not-very-public (and definitely not-very-fleshed-out) construct of a rebooted community site. Of course, that LockerGnome community site will not just be for patrons, but for everyone - and I'd be giving y'all a chance to play, populate data inside, and give workable feedback. It's a completely separate database, which makes ANY kind of cross-over of users & data impossible to do (so, if anybody asks, that's the only answer). There will be premium subscriptions for bonus access & features there - but, as I promised, patrons will get a very steep discount of likely ~50% off when it's ready to go. The site will be free for everybody, but premium members there will get more - kinda like how Patreon works? Again, it is logistically impossible to auto-transfer permissions from one service to another. 5. I'm still doing my best to be the best I can be for you. Today's TLDR broadcast was scheduled for later because I had an appointment earlier. It's an insanely slow news day, though (at least, with enough news that's worth babbling about). I can't do everything, and my time is only so scalable... so thanks for your patience and bolstering of my ability to expand the team beyond who we have today.

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