We're Gonna Sleep (All Night Long)
I just finished the epic rock-ballad, "We're Gonna Sleep (All Night Long)". To get the full effect you need to read it in the singing voice of your favourite 80s hair-rock band. I know, it's hard to pick just one. Baby the night is coming and here we are in bed And you know there’s just one thing I want Yah, you lay down and I lay down, nothing needs to be said Cause we’re gonna do it all night long Yah, all night Yah, all through the night Yah, like for every single second of the whole night Gonna do that thing that we are gonna do CHORUS We’re gonna sleep, all night long Doin’ absolutely nothing under the sheets Gonna sleep all night long Drooling on pillows and grinding our teeth Won’t even notice each other ‘less one of us farts under the covers Gonna sleep, yah, were gonna sleep ALL NIGHT LONG Yah, you’ve passed out already, still you’re shaking the whole bed You got a snore so sharp it could disembowel an ox N I try to rest my weary head but I just can’t get it down Should never drink coffee after five o’clock CHORUS BRIDGE Gotta get some sleep to make me happier Cause I got insomnia n sleep apnea Ahhhh, now you’ve started talking in your sleep N you’re kicking your legs, it’s quite distractin’ Baby I just want your sweet inaction So I can finally start to count some sheep CHORUS I wanna sleep, all night long Doin’ absolutely nothing under the sheets I wanna all night long Drooling on my pillow and grinding my teeth N’ what’s that smell, oh, brother You just let one rip under the covers I wanna sleep, please let me sleep. All night… "Beep. Beep. Beep." Ah, crap.
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