What Happens When We Reach 800 Patrons? :)
Instead of editing today's vlog and staging interest points for today's TLDR, I spent the greater part of this morning clearing out false patrons and ultimately removing 26 people from the supporters list - bringing our number from yesterday's 784 to a current 758. :( In terms of full transparency (since Patreon refuses to make all numbers transparent), in April... we had over $6,000 in promised pledges and ultimately only received ~$5,400 of what was suggested - though the screen shot here was after a few cheaters dropped at the last second. It was a discrepancy of ~$600, which may not seem like much in totality - but that's part of what helps me cover hard costs. I'm here to report that we are in a substantially better position than we were before this campaign launched, and well on our way to eliminating any reliance on advertising models (which, mind you, is not the same as sponsorship). You should note that if you're someone who has issues with credit cards that Patreon ALSO takes PayPal (which is not readily apparent, but may help you avoid falling short on a future month's pledge). I'm very happy to see that MOST people are being true to their word, as I've been true with mine. The glass, as they say, is definitely over half-full. :) So, when we reach 800 patrons, I'll: (1) upload a "What's on My iPad" video just for patrons (2) do a "drunk iOS" video + bloopers just for patrons (3) open up "alpha" access for a separate full-community site to patrons (detailed yesterday) (4) give away a never-used Optimus Maximus keyboard to a random patron Sound good? :)

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