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Hi! I've been working hard on the newest version of Knuckle Sandwich and it's going quite swell! A few months ago, I lost a lot of progress due to my computer having some hard drive problem. Luckily, I've been good at keeping backups of important projects, so not everything was lost. Unfortunately, this happened while I was travelling, so I didn't have a super recent backup! I lost some fairly important business, so I used it as an excuse to make the *new version* of Knuckle Sandwich. It's been tested on a few people and the results were hella positive. Due to the travelling I mentioned, I didn't get time to make anything small the past few weeks. I'm gonna be more diligent with Patreon, so expect more cool microgames (speaking of which, you can buy my Lioness Kickstarter game, Francis, on my itchio page: http://brphy.itch.io/francis). I'm working on a few cool small things right now, so I should get around to uploading the good ones here. If you are a patron, take a look at the next post (it's an old demo for a multiplayer game I'm currently working on).
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