Where did January go...?
Who took this month away? I have absolutely no idea how it came to be the 29th so quickly! Which is a roundabout way of apologising for the fact that I've made no videos this month. Sorry :-( I've been trying to plan one for this week, but the ideas just haven't flowed. However I've got lots in the pipeline for later this spring: A Zelda medley (finally getting round to a request from Desirée!), a great idea for my Tubular Bells track, more Nyman...and I've even thought of doing my first comedy sketch :-) There are some very exciting projects and concerts coming up this year, which I'll keep you all informed of..... In fact I've spent quite a lot of time this month on my Kickstarter project, seeing if I can fund my next solo CD of Bach and Nyman: It's going well, but I'm sorry it's taken me away from my video filming! However I'm really excited by the CD, which will also include a great track written for me by Andrew Keeling. As a New Year present to you all I'm including a copy of this track, called "You Cut The String", with this post. I really hope you like it as much as I do. Best wishes, Steve
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