Why not ads and sponsors?
This is an issue that a lot of time has been spent debating, and it basically comes down to two things. First, I don't want CSICON to be funded by ads and corporate sponsorships because it detracts from what it is we're actually doing. If we have to take a break every twenty minutes to remind you of our corporate overlords, it breaks the tempo and pacing of the entire thing. It causes us to have to artificially create pauses in an otherwise natural flow. Secondly, and almost equally importantly, it creates SO MUCH OVERHEAD for us to handle. We have to keep track of listener numbers, negotiate contracts, write long lists of offer codes, remember which advertiser goes where, spend hours on the phone with advertisers building better relationships and so on. It is no exaggeration when I say that more time is spent chasing advertisers, negotiating contracts and reading their ad spots than creating actual podcast content. It's that bad. Imagine if we could spend that time making content instead?
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