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Will Black - Who Says You Can't Go Home & Born To Run (Bon Jovi & Bruce Springsteen cover)

My buddy Thom "Jimmy" Strange (Will Black OPS) has lived on Cora, a house boat, in Dockyard Bermuda for like the past 7 years and this week he finally sold the old gal and made the move back onto land.

While celebrating with a final couple mugs of dark & stormy we filmed some takes of some stuff... yes, it was HOT out. Hard to keep the guitar in tune when the summer sun is beaming down on it!

Thom was one of the first friends I made when I moved to Bermuda in 2005 - I wish him the best in his new "home" and so long to, Cora :(

* Thank you to all the patrons whose contributions made this rock and roll music video creation a reality!