Work in progess! (29.06.2014)
Dear patrons & followers, another "Wöljager"-song is finished and ready to be recorded! This time it´s the title track of the album, called "Van´t Liäwen un Stiäwen" ("of living and dying"). To give you more information on this project: The first ideas for "Wöljager" date back to 2008 when I decided to compose some neofolk-songs with lyrics in "münsterlänner Platt" (this is an old dialect that is still spoken in some far reaches of the Münsterland, but it is nearly extinct; I learned it from my grandparents). Dark folklore, superstition and spooky narrations from this region are the main topics of the lyrics. When enough songs were finished, I sensed that they actually tell a coherent story, so I decided to develop them into a theatre play. This play will have it´s premiere in late 2014 or 2015 at the Kammertheater "Der kleine Bühnenboden" in Münster, Germany. It will be directed by Konrad Haller and me. The songs recorded for the "Wöljager"-album will also work very well as a soundtrack for this. So please stay tuned for some more dark folklore and storytelling! "Siet ik n´Kind was sai ik blaus Daud un Vödiäwen kien Hochtied, kien guëte Aarnt, allemaol Daud un Vödiäwen. Kien Glük, kien Gebuort ümmer blaus Daud un Vödiäwen un düt is min Leed van´t Liäwen un Stiäwen." With kind regards, Marcel Viljámsson
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