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Zodiac Forces Serial: Part 69
New patrons, please visit my website to catch up on all serial posts. --//-- Warning: Depression Dillon turned the truck into a gravel-road and flashed his Zodiac ID at the man in the park booth. They were in the middle of nowhere with local landmarks like a single suwarrow cactus or a distant mountain of boulders. Dillon parked them on a faded number seven sprayed on the ground and grinned at Alex. "Welcome to the desert." Alex buried a wince. The all this open space and the bikes in the back of the truck sounded fabulous except that he'd just taken a spanking and his ass felt like it was on fire. He hopped out of the truck and stretched. "Pit stop, first." Dillon pointed him in the direction of a single outhouse. There was only one other campsite occupied on this stretch of road and no one was home when Alex passed by. He applied aloe liberally. The ice-like sensation reminded him of Lance's delicate touch. At some point Lance had become more concerned with Alex's needs rather than hyper-focused on his own. He couldn't remember exactly when that shift had occurred. He hadn't become any less dominant but Alex had seen glimpses of tenderness. Hugs, soft words, and quiet reflection after a violent experience. Alex brushed aloe down the crack of his ass and the exposed feeling stirred his cock. The pain scale was new. Alex had to admit it was probably a good thing Lance moderated his strikes, not only for the car ride but in deference to Alex's wacky emotional state. The idea that Lance was in tune enough with Alex's moods to know he couldn't handle an uncontrolled experience was relieving in a way Alex hadn't encountered before. For once Lance had taken care of him and not the other way around. Alex stroked his cock, a bit surprised at the strength of his arousal. But Lance said it wouldn't be a smooth process, coming out of that grey. Alex propped a foot up on the sink and turned to look at his ass in the mirror. It was red. There was a mark on his left butt cheek, fingers? Lance's hand print inflamed on his skin. Alex had to pant to get enough air. He fondled his cock and traced a finger down his own crack. He watched the digit disappear inside his own body. It thrill him to feel his hole stretch, even if it wasn't Lance's cock doing the stretching. Lance had felt good inside him. Alex let his eyes unfocus and remembered even though it had only been a few hours ago. Well, Lance did say to think of him, hadn't he? Alex laughed at the absurdity of these single emotions rolling around by themselves. He came laughing and suddenly everything was too hilarious to make sense, as though he were drunk or hadn't slept in three days. Alex let his leg fall from the sink and gasped between spits of laughter. He managed to touch up the aloe and make himself presentable with occasional involuntary chuckles. When he rejoined Dillon he was still smiling stupidly at himself. The two made camp.

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