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Zodiac Forces Serial: Part 77
Alex set a coffee (two sugars) down on the side table when Lance pulled him onto the couch and into his lap. They kissed slowly. "Thank you for the coffee." Lance said, stroking Alex's jaw. Alex relaxed into Lance's arm and body. "You're welcome." Beside them the television muttered through a movie Alex hadn't been watching. He stayed curled into Lance through several scenes, enjoying the closeness and the large fingers playing with his hair. "How was your practice with Jasper?" "It went well. He's not fantastic as a lookout, though. I'd like to do it again with you and Callahan. Maybe Levi." "I was surprised he volunteered." "Same. Hey, have you talked to him since the night in the bar?" "Not really. Why?" "He said he's been talking to people. He's a lot less angry over... well whatever it was." Alex tilted his head toward Lance. "He asked if he could go to the memorial with us." "Huh. Do you want to go?" Alex nodded. "Yeah. I really do." "Ok. If you want him along I don't have a problem with it." Alex sighed into Lance's fingers massaging his neck. Their conversation lapsed through several more scenes of the movie. Then Alex said, "I think I'm ready to be with Chief again." Lance looked down at him. "Yeah?" He tugged Alex's hair until Alex let his head fall back. Lance nipped his neck. "Maybe I don't want to watch him fuck you." "What if it's both of you? At the same time." "Mmm." Lance smiled against his neck. "Think you can take two cocks up that tight ass?" Lance pressed Alex's hips down into his own. "I like that idea." Alex spread his legs and groaned. "We might need to practice first." Lance nibbled his ear. "Did you have something in mind?" He palmed Alex's cock. "Toys." Alex groaned again. "Ok, I can't think when you do that." Lance obliged and removed his hand. He waited patiently for Alex to catch his breath and remember what he was talking about. "I don't have anything specific, I've never gone looking for toys before." "Neither have I." "Ok. I've got someone I can ask--" "Pick up anything you find interesting. I'll learn how to use it." Alex absently stroked Lance's arm around his waist. "What if you don't like it?" "Don't know until I try, do I? And if not, maybe it'll be Chief's thing." Alex nodded. Their attention drifted back to the movie. He wondered if this was how normal people spent their days. A movie, their partner, working through the troubles of friends, death, and sex. It was nice in a down-time kind of way but give it a week and Alex would be dying for something to do. For now, though, he curled closer into Lance's body and savored his warmth.
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