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Zodiac Forces Serial: Part 84
Part 84 Sexual content. Alex fingered the folded piece of paper in his pocket, too curious for his own good. Lance palmed it to him just before Taylor arrived with the cryptic instruction that 'he'd know' when to open it up and take a look. So, of course, Alex was dying to know what was going on. In the meantime, Taylor introduced him to the wonders of a sex shop and all the goodies therein. Alex was glad of his company. Taylor knew how to keep the awkwardness at bay with a well placed joke. But occasionally, Alex caught a darker smoldering look and it colored his experience with a low-level heat he wasn't used to carrying around. Alex swung the shopping basket in one hand as he rounded an aisle and stopped in his tracks with a snort of laughter. "Wait, is this for real?" Taylor popped his head up from the next aisle, "What?" Alex put his hand out to touch the top of a four-foot silicon dildo, then thought better of it. "Giant wang." "Oh, yeah. I think it's a gag gift." "Damn expensive for a joke." "But could you imagine?" Alex snorted again and turned his attention to more manageable sizes. Each variety perfectly sorted by centimeter and type. "I didn't realize I was shopping for a new computer when I agreed to this." He stopped at silicon in the ten centimeter range. "There are more options on some of these than my first car." "Fake dicks are serious business." "Clearly I've been under a rock. Do I want ribbed for pleasure?" "Can't hurt. Check out the ones with a core you can take out and change." "Oh, that's cool." Alex selected one garishly pink. Browsing about he added to his basket two more dildos and a device that flowered open with the turn of a handle. He turned around to check the shelves behind him and paused. What he could only describe as a pair of shoe laces dangled from a small leather piece. Without the photo Alex would have never guessed its purpose. He lifted the thing off its hook and felt his balls ache in sympathy. "Incoming." He jumped just as Taylor dropped something heavy into the basket. "The hell is-- Taylor I do not need half a gallon of lube, come on." Taylor took the cock and ball harness from his hand, "Think economies of scale. It's cheaper like this, you can just use it to fill up your little pocket tube. You into this?" He flipped the strings in his fingers so the image faced Alex. Alex blushed and couldn't make any words come out. He cleared his throat. Taylor grinned wide. "Masochist. I bet Lance hurts you and likes it." Alex tried to take the harness but Taylor flicked it into the basket. "That's a good one to start with." He wiggled his fingers at the shelves, scanning. He grabbed something metal-- a cage? It thumped into the basket. Two more metal items followed. Alex grabbed his hand before something else steel went in. "Easy, man, I've already got more than I know what to do with. Not trying to buy out the whole store." Taylor put the last item back on the hook with a sheepish wink. "Sorry, I think it's funny you've never been in a place like this before." He swept his arm around, "Just get one of everything!" Alex laughed and his eyes fell on a black curtain between another row of aisles. "I don't need one of everything." He moved further toward the back. "What's over here?" "Movies. TV shows." Alex scanned some of the titles and laughed, "Not exactly oscar material, here." He reached the curtain and twitched it back. A shallow room with an old TV set into the wall greeted him. He looked over his shoulder at Taylor, eyebrow raised. Taylor crowded him forward. "For previewing the movies." His arm reached over Alex's shoulder to point. "Take a seat there, movie plays over there." He squeezed past and tossed the curtain closed. A single bright light kept the spot well-lit. "As long as you don't mind the fake privacy then it's just you and your movie." Taylor cocked his hips to one side and pealed his shirt overhead. "Tch. What are you doing?" Alex caught Taylor's shirt and dropped it into his shopping basket. Taylor tweaked his own nipples, then rubbed his hands down his torso and tugged his belt open. "Giving you a preview." Alex watched the bulge at Taylor's crotch swell and reluctantly protested. "I told you, not without Lance." "Don't you have a message from him?" Alex's hand went to his pocket in an instant. He set the shopping cart on the shelf seat behind him and unfolded the note. Enjoy your movie. Remember rule #1. Don't come without permission. He saw no permission written on either side of the note. Alex felt his skin tighten. Arousal flushed him hot and he watched Taylor strip his jeans down to the floor. He arched back, one long-fingered hand stroking his erection.
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