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* Halcyon Artifacts are also available to all users through the in-game market. Events within the Pinnacle are largely considered non-canon, up to the user's discretion.

Since these are custom-made, there may be some delay in redemption depending on number of requests currently being made. 

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About Kyle Bryant

Post Terminus

a Forum dedicated to Writing Roleplaying

Five hundred years ago, the world ended.

The face of the world was completely changed. Cities crumbled, mountains toppled, the landscape was forever reshaped. Powerful but dangerous new elements appeared, and with them, dangerous beings and creatures the likes of which had never been seen before.

Five hundred years ago, the world ended... but life continued on. Those few who lived through the Cataclysm did not give in, and continued to survive beyond the end of the world. Over the course of five centuries, society was rebuilt, with science and technology taking an entirely new path due to the discovery of the mysterious minerals known as terra regia, while faith and religion grew stronger thanks to abundant miracles both invisible and tangible. Old grudges between countries and races became less important as more fearsome dangers closed in from all sides.

Araevis is a post-apocalyptic world, but Post Terminus takes place not in the years immediately following its destruction, but instead in the years after the survivors managed to bounce back and build society again, new and different from anything that existed before. It's a world touched by magic but advancing in technology, where the presence of gods has been felt and where their words still resonate powerfully.

We are an online role-playing community, playing the game entirely through writing and prose fiction. While it is a game, with rules and guidelines of its own, Post Terminus exists primarily as a sandbox for players to stretch their writing muscles, spinning tales of action, intrigue, romance, or any other themes that come to mind. It's a place where we get together with people of similar interests, hone our skills, and take part in weaving an epic tale together.

The world of Araevis, our setting for Post Terminus, is a curious blend of fantasy, steampunk, and science-fiction. Swords, magic, and kingdoms exist alongside guns, machinery, and industrial centers. There is room for almost any kind of character, and room for all kinds of stories. The world itself is still ready to be fleshed out, with new cities and points of interest being added by players regularly.

There is a deeper secret hidden in the world, however, regarding the true nature of Araevis and the origins of the Cataclysm, just waiting for players to find and put together the puzzle pieces.

This RP and forum have basically been a passion project for me since the role of admin was unexpectedly thrust upon me. It's been challenging, yet a rewarding experience and a great way to meet and hang out with other people into similar hobbies and interests around the world. From my earliest ventures in Halcyon Days and on into Post Terminus, I've been in love with the idea of writing with other people who also love to write, of collaborating on the story of a world unique to us. For the money I pay into forum maintenance or enhancements, I've always felt like I got plenty back in return in community and entertainment.

However...As I look at the things I want to get done going forward, I'm evaluating how much I need to make and how much I need to save. There's no danger of PT going away, but as it stands there's little chance for growth. I would love for PT to be more than the dozen or so semi-active members and a few dozen friends that pop in and out. I'd love to meet more writers, get more people involved, touch up the rough spots on the forum, and see the RP grow again. I've considered something like Patreon for a while now as a way to get you guys involved as a community and reaching out to new members.

Donating will never be compulsory, but I want to reward everyone who contributes, whether a little or a lot. Thanks, everyone, for being a great set of fellow nerds and geeks to hang out with. Let's keep Post Terminus growing and moving forward!
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